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1991 Formation of the company

Mr Leszek Ciesek – the owner

Mr Leszek Ciesek – the owner

The history of Effector S.A. began in 1991.

When our company was created, we did not realise
that conducted activity would achieve such impressive sizes.


Effector S.A. is a major exporter and supplier to the European Union, as well as on eastern markets.
The company's products are sold over the years on several dozen markets in Europe and Asia.

Initially, the company operated under the name: PPHU LECH-POL

in the industry unconnected with construction sector.


Two years later, we began the production of aluminum elements. We produced the drip caps, which until now occupy an important place in our range.


The following years we spent on the expansion of the offer in such a way that the offered products are reflect high quality and satisfy the customer expectations.

Professional and comprehensive services for investors are the priorities of the company, which strengthened the brand's position in the international and domestic market.


In 1995, on the street: Hauke Bosaka in Kielce was established facility, which started production of

glazing units


The activity of the company took over the newly established company: Lech Pol S.A., which adopted a name:EFFECTOR S.A.



EFFECTOR S.A. began manufacturing aluminum strips and aluminum covering
for wooden windows.


Constantly expanding product range was accompanied by significant investments in technology development.

The company in Włoszczowa created new lines for anodizing, machining department,
painting lines with a modern sewage treatment plant.

Investments in production facilities has allowed the plant to the existence of the market for

and mechanical processing of aluminum.

szybki rozwoj

The company also increased share in the glazing units industry, starting a production facility
in Starogard Gdanski.



In 2007, the company management decided about creation two independent operating entities:

EFFECTOR S.A. and Effector II S.A.

EFFECTOR S.A. with registered office in Włoszczowa focused on the treatment of aluminum. On the other hand Effector II S.A. with production facilities in Kielce
and Starogard Gdański involved in the production of glazing units.

Then, in 2011, the company changed its name to EFFECT GLASS S.A.


Zmiana nazwy firmy EFFECTOR II na EFFECT GLASS S.A., uruchomienie w Kielcach nowej hali i linii do hurtowania szkła



EFFECTOR S.A. introduced the aluminum woodwork. The company's experience in the processing of aluminum and modern machinery enabled the development of a comprehensive business proposal.

Acquisition of sponsoring volleyball team Kielce - EFFECTOR KIELCE.



Zakończenie produkcji szyb zespolonych w Starogardzie gdańskim, uruchomienie nowego zakładu produkcyjnego w Wędkowach koło Tczewa



EFFECTOR S.A. becomes a laureate of "Świętokrzyskie Victoria" in the entrepreneurship category. This unique award is granted by the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Also in 2016, EFFECTOR S.A. receives the title "Distinguished for the Commune of Włoszczowa".

In February 2016, Leszek Ciesek - President of the Management Board of EFFECTOR is awarded the Kielce City Award. This honourable commendation is awarded to people who contribute to the promotion and development of the city.



Leszek Ciesek, President of the Board EFFECTOR S.A. receives the title of "Man of the Year" in the Włoszczowa Commune, in a plebiscite organized by the "Echo Dnia" daily..

On May 31, 2017 - after 5 years of cooperation - EFFECTOR ends its sponsorship agreement with the Świętokrzyskie Basketball Company and thus ceases to be the titular sponsor of the Effector Kielce club.

fot. Leszek Ciesek


December 15, 2018. EFFECTOR celebrates the 25th anniversary of the company founding.



Połączenie spółek EFFECTOR S.A. i EFFECT GLASS S.A. w jeden podmiot gospodarczy: EFFECTOR S.A. z siedzibą w Kielcach



Today, EFFECTOR S.A. is one of the leaders of the construction industry in Poland. For over 20 years we have supplied our customers with high-quality aluminum finishing strips, elements of interior design, window facings, drip caps and joinery.

We are a recognized expert in the field of surface and mechanical processing of aluminum. Our profiles are characterized by a variety variants of finishes, starting from anodizing, sandblasting, electro polishing, mechanical polishing, brushing on powder coating finishing. The highest quality of products and services is confirmed by the Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management, in accordance with the standards from series ISO 9001/ISO 14001 and certificates: QUALANOD and QUALICOAT.

All products manufactured by the company: Effector S.A. and Effect Glass S.A. are brand


The brand mini-logo The brand is primarily a wide range of aluminum strips (Standard collections, Impression, Boa, Multi) and PVC (Queen, Eco, Rainbow). For those whose passion is DIY, Effector produces a variety of profiles, belonging to the collection: Easy. The brand also cares for fans of interior design news, dedicating them the elements of interior design and construction profiles Fantasy series.

The offer dedicated for joinery manufacturers are among others : window facings, drip caps, glazing beads and thresholds for doors, wooden-aluminum window systems (Optima, Proxima and Effect 2000).

The assortment offered by the company also includes aluminum joinery, among others, windows, sliding patio doors, front doors, facades and shutters.

EFFECTOR S.A. is the recipient of many awards and honors. The most important trophies are:
Forbes Diamond 2020
Świętokrzyska Victoria 2016,
Diamond of Świetokrzyskie Province 2016,
Deserved for Włoszczowa 2016,
Business Cheetah,
The leader of the Region,
Fair Play Business and Friendly Employer.