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Effector S.A. - the company has a registered office in Włoszczowa and it  has been acting in the construction industry for over 20 years. The manufacturer of high quality finishing strips and interior design elements, aluminum linings, drip caps, door thresholds and window systems made of wood and aluminum. Effector S.A.  is also involved in the prefabrication of aluminum and it is an expert in the field of surface and mechanical aluminum treatment.
Produced profiles are characterized by a variety variants of finishes, such as: anodizing, sandblasting, electro polishing, brushing, powder coating. The high quality of manufactured products, professional services and comprehensive customer service are the most important priorities of the company and they have consolidated its position in the international and domestic market. The company is a major exporter to the European Union, as well as the Asian markets. Effector S.A. has prestigious certificates, recognised in the industry: QUALANOD, QAUALICOAT, the quality certificates:  ISO 9001/ 14001 and honourable awards and distinctions, such as the title of Victoria of  Świętokrzyskie Province  - Awards of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Province in 2016.
The company successfully implements the ideas of Corporate Social Responsibility, maintains high standards of sustainable development in many areas of business. The company is caring for so that applied technologies  and offered products are environmentally neutral. Effector S.A. has been involved in the sponsorship of sports for many years, recognizing in the shaping of physical activity a source of many positive features. From September 2012 the company is the title sponsor of the club: EFFECTOR Kielce, playing in the volleyball league - Plusliga.


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